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Beitrag von Claudia » 27. Apr 2003, 15:23

Hello Forum--can anyone tell me how to find out whether or not (or which ones) Rilke's work is in the public domain?


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Rilke Websites

Beitrag von Rilke Fan » 11. Mai 2003, 21:38

Hi Claudia,

The best German Rilke Websites I have found aside from this one ( are: (includes almost all poems as well as many letters) (includes almost all poems) (nice site with music and pictures)

The best Rilke websites I have found in English are: (Cliff Crego) ... index.html

There are many other websites with only a few poems. When I am looking for one poem in particular, I usually go to Google, AskJeeves, or Yahoo and type in the name of the poem in quotation marks + Rilke, and you'd be surprised what you come up with.

I am in the process of putting together a notebook with favorite Rilke poems in both English and German as I am never completely satisfied with the English translations I find, and I like to compare them before coming up with my own personal version.

I am thrilled to recently have discovered this forum where hopefully I will find help in interpreting some of Rilke's more difficult poems, as well as perhaps help in translating some of his poems I have been unable to find English translations for.

Hope this was of help.